Brother Albin's visit to America

This journey began in February 2004 when Brother Albin was voted in as our first full European member of the Brotherhood of the Grey Beard Bikers.
On July 25, 2004 our BGBB Brother Albin arrived from Sweden in the United States at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport,   this will document his journey through several states and visits with some of the BGBB Members in America.

The six photo's below were taken during Brother Albins visit with Brother Sax50 in Dallas Texas.

This is Brother Albin's first ride on American soil, we hope he has many, many more, "Ride on Brother Albin"

Brother Albins first American ride Brother Albin checks out his ride

Brother Albin and Brother Sax50 Brother Albin checks out the Texas country side

We don't have these in Sweden Brother Albin explores Texas

Brother Albin and Bigdaddy arrived in New Orleans today Saturday 08/07/04 and we had a great visit, it did not last long enough for me, but I consider myself lucky to have met such great Brothers. Below are just five of several photos that we took, others will be added later, please check back for more updates on Brother Albins Great American Journey.
Brother Albin in front of the Famous Door jazz club on Bourbon Street Brother Albin and Bigdaddy on Bourbon Street at Bigdaddys Strip club

Brother Albin and Bigdaddy at Jackson Square in front of St. Louis Cathedral Brother Albin, Bigdaddy and RoadHog on the corner of Canal Street and Bourbon Street

We stopped at the Cafe Dumonde for coffee and bignets

Well Brother Albin arrived in the New England area on 08/09/04 and was met by Brothers Herper and Jim from MA,  below are photographs of his visit and adventures, submitted by Brother Herper.

Brothers Albin, Herper and Jim
Prepairing for the journey A stop in Shelburne, MA

Checking out the Bridge of Flowers in MA. A covered bridge at Battleboro.

Old historic tree in Suderland, MA. Albin is looking over the town of Suderland, MA. from Sugarloaf Mountain.

Lookout on Hogback Mountain. The North River Winery in Vermont.

The following six photographs of Brother Albins visit to the New England area was submitted by Brother Jim from MA. (Thanks Brother Jim)

Below is a wonderful group photograph of some great BGBB Brothers and friends taken on Brother Albin's New England visit. Starting form left to right they are,  Windburn,  Albin,  Herper,  Run_in_bare,  Old Man of the Mountains,  and Jim from MA.

(And a great time was had by all)

Well Brother Albin is back in Sweden safe and sound, his visit in our country is over, but the memory of his visit will remain in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives.
I think his visit to our country has enriched our lives, and given us a once in a liftime chance to understand a little more about how bikers think and feel all over the world.

Below is a personal message from Brother Albin

just want to tell you that i´m back home. my oldest daughter emma, and my woman, birgitta met me in copenhagen. thay brought me a swedish brekfast and of course swedeish hot strong coffee. everything´s ok. time here:11:00, just before noon, and 05:00 at your place. and at last, one more time.......THANK`S A LOT !!!!!!!! brother albin.

Thank you Brother, the pleasure was all our's, BFFB RoadHog

To view Brother albin's personal thoughts about his fantastic American journey, click on "BROTHER ALBIN'S JOURNAL" below.

Check back often cause there are still photographs that have not been posted of Brother Albins journey.